Strong Without Borders Tee

Posted: Nov 20 2014

Hey there Activysts. We mentioned we had some fun things coming up, and here's the first of many: a new tee!

This is not just a typical t-shirt; it has story. Each shirt gets a girl to a soccer game in Nicaragua. Here's why that's important.

Get A Girl to the Game 

Would you guess that a primary barrier to girls' sports in Nicaragua is a lack of transportation? Due to unsafe conditions, it's challenging for girls to get from one place to another. So most girls tend to stay in the home. This makes participating in sports difficult, especially when it comes to competing. Girls' sports are still rare enough in Nicaragua that it's necessary to travel to other towns to find other teams to compete against. And most families don't have the funds, transport or time to take their girls to these games.
Our partner, Soccer Without Borders, takes this barrier out of the equation by renting a bus for each game. This guarantees the girls get to compete against other teams, which is a huge milestone after regular practices and hard work. Most importantly, it ensures the girls' safety.
As a bonus, these trips are hugely empowering for the girls, and equally beneficial for the communities who see these girls in action. In Nicaragua, most girls' lives are a blur of cooking, cleaning, caring for siblings, and staying in the home. A group of strong girls banding together to travel to a different town and compete in sport... not the norm. In the best way possible. 
Each t-shirt covers one girl's transportation. So when you buy this tee, feel proud that you helped get a girl get safely to a game. And maybe started a ripple to challenge gender stereotypes in the process.


Why We Love This Tee

We love this "Strong Without Borders" tee because it puts the cause it supports front and center.

Message: The tee features the word "strong" in all of the languages of countries we support. It captures the global essence of the partner it supports - Soccer Without Borders - and the idea that sports can transcend borders to empower girls worldwide.
Where It's Made: Like the Activyst-SWB partnership, t-shirt production is a collaboration between the US and Nicaragua.  The tees were made responsibly in Nicaragua, and then designed and printed in Activyst's home base of California.

How It Feels: This tee is crazy soft (50 poly/25 cotton/25 rayon) and has a loungey look that's perfect for being active or chilling. We're excited to share with you some different ways to wear it on social media soon.

A number of you were instrumental in giving us thoughts and feedback on this shirt, so THANK YOU. We can't wait to share with you news about the SWB girls crushing it on the road.

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