Activyst in Title Nine!

Posted: Jan 14 2015

We’ve been waiting since last summer to share this news! Our Nicaragua Active bag is in Title Nine stores and debuted this month in their Spring Catalog. Here is Leigh checking it out for the first time.

Why does this feel so significant? Well, let’s rewind a few years back to 2010. Leigh had just left her non-profit job to start business school and Katie was in the middle of a career change of her own. She had just left her law firm and was about to head to Nicaragua to work with the WHO on a project promoting gender equality in sport. And she was already sensing that she may eventually love to address this issue through a business or a product that would fund more girls' sports opportunities. On a quick trip to Austin before heading to Nicaragua, she noticed a storefront that said Title Nine. She'd never heard of the store, but recognizing the name (Title IX is the landmark US legislation that promotes gender equality in education/sports), she went into check it out. Upon realizing it was a retailer of women's athletic apparel and goods, she instantly thought "Wow, if I ever did a product, this would be the PERFECT fit for selling it." Last month when she was again in Austin on vacation, she walked by the same Title Nine with a pretty big smile.

Working with Title Nine over the last year has only deepened our admiration. This is an AWESOME company. Their products are great, but more than that, they stand for something really important - female empowerment - and it shines through in everything they do. The models in their photos shoots are all real women and athletes, they partner with female-founded companies (like us!), they fund local girls' sports organizations, and their office is filled with amazing stuff like this.

We hope you'll head to your local Title Nine store and check us out along with all the other awesome brands.  And a huge, heartfelt thank you to Title Nine for taking a chance on us, sharing our mission and for being a trailblazer for women and sports.

Leigh & Katie


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