Bittersweet Adios to Activyst

Posted: Aug 16 2016

Hi everyone :)  This is difficult to write and there’s no easy way to do it, so we’ll just come out with it up front: after a great deal of thought, we have decided to close down Activyst. There are a number of reasons for this – we have other jobs that take up time and energy, we live in different states which is tough, the challenges of running a bootstrapped business, etc.

Most of all though, we realized we were trudging ahead with something because we were so focused on the goal and the mission, but that we were no longer, in our hearts, truly aligned and on board with everything involved in running the company. Ultimately, we found ourselves having to dig so deep (too deep) to move forward with something that was supposed to be fun and fulfilling. This is hard for us because we are the opposite of “quitters”. We very much recognize the importance of working hard and persevering. This was probably something we learned playing sports :) But we’ve realized it is equally if not more important to be honest with ourselves. This company was started from a completely authentic place and it does not feel right to run it any other way. It’s instead time to let it go.   

We want to stress that we don’t view this as the end of everything we’ve created with Activyst. The projects we funded with you - including a soccer field in Nicaragua, coaches in Mexico and Ethiopia, and many others in Uganda, Tanzania, Canada and the US - have impacted each girl that was a part of them and will continue to do so. So many of you have talked to us about how you now understand the importance of getting your girls involved in sports. Others of you have volunteered with some of our partner organizations like Girls on the Run. Keep wearing your favorite Activyst shirt, sparking conversations about female empowerment, enrolling the girl in your life in sports, and cheering on your favorite female athletes (especially this Olympics!). Activyst's mission will live on and there are so many ways we can all continue celebrating female empowerment and girls sports. 
We will be having a Final Sale in a couple of weeks with some insane deals on our remaining shirts, as well as on the last ever Active Bags.  We’ve actually only got a handful left. We love how much you have loved these bags, and hope you can snag one while they’re still around. And, we're also open to selling the company to the right person, so please let anyone know who may be interested, and reach out at to discuss.

In terms of us, we’ve got other things in the works. Through Activyst, Leigh discovered that she loves marketing and managing a team, and is already working with an awesome upscale local grocery chain in the Seattle area. Activyst (and all the badass athletes she met along the way) also sparked her interest in endurance sports and she's excited to explore ultra running in the coming year. Katie has a legal consulting business, and through Activyst, discovered she loves empowering others and has a strong creative side she's excited to explore more through other entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Thank you all for being a part of this adventure. We feel so honored have spent nearly four years of our lives dedicated to this cause. We learned so much more than we could ever put into words, have no regrets, are so proud of what we created together.   
Katie, Leigh and the Activyst Team

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