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How do I know my order went through?

You’ll receive an order confirmation email from us. Very rarely some email systems prevent the full email text from coming through, but don’t worry – if you got an email from us (even with no text in the body), that means the order did go through. If you didn’t receive a confirmation email or just want to confirm your order is squared away, you can email us at

When will my Activyst products arrive?

We currently do all shipping ourselves, and do two shipments per week. That means your order will be on its way to you within 3-4 days of placing your order. The day it goes out, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking number so you can follow its package as it’s on its way. Closer to the holidays in December, we ship shipping more frequently, so products will go out within 2-3 days of placing the order.

How do I track my order?

The day your product goes out, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number. If you didn’t get this email, please email us at with the subject line “Tracking Information” and we’ll get you the info you need.

I received a shipping confirmation but haven’t received my Activyst product yet. What should I do?

The best way to check on your shipment is to use the tracking number in your shipping confirmation email. This will tell you how far it is on its journey to you, or whether there’s an issue with the shipment.

If you can’t find this info, email with the subject line “Tracking Information” and we’ll help you sort it out.

Do you ship internationally? 

We currently ship to the US and Canada. If you're from Canada, see the next heading to learn more about shipments to you.

I received a product, but I don’t think it’s what I ordered. What do I do?

If you think there’s been a shipping mix-up, please send an email to with the subject line “Incorrect Shipment”. We’ll work with you to get it resolved as soon as possible!

Do you offer refunds or returns?

You can return or exchange any item in its original condition within 15 days of purchase.

How to Return: Ship it back to us along with the packing slip and we will refund you the price of the item.

Activyst Returns
2145 Dashwood St
Lakewood, CA 90712

How to Exchange: If you’d like a different size or color, email us at and let us what exchange you’d like to make. We’ll send you a pre-paid USPS shipping label that you can print and drop at the post office. Once we receive your item we’ll ship out your new style or size.


How does shipping to Canada work?

We ship orders to Canada by USPS First Class International. We currently do all shipping ourselves, and do two shipments per week. That means your order will be on its way to you within 3-4 days of your order being placed. The day it goes out, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking number so you can follow its package as it’s on its way. 

On average, items then take 7-10 days to arrive in Canada after the ship date. 

Anything else I should know if I'm in Canada?

Just be aware that customs clearance can cause delays that are unfortunately outside of our control or the control or USPS. If things are taking a little longer than expected, please find your shipping confirmation email, which has a tracking number you can use to check in on your package.

Also, Canada requires the purchaser to pay duties/taxes on imported goods. So you’ll be responsible for the charges that apply to your order upon delivery. For more details, check out this link from the Canada Border Service Agency.



Is Activyst a for-profit company or a 501(c)(3)?

Activyst is a company that makes donations to non-profit partners. Being a business means we make revenue that goes toward usual business costs: production and logistics, taxes, fees, employees, and other operating costs. Being a socially-conscious business means that a portion of revenue also goes towards, in our case, funding girls’ sports projects.

We aim to build a US-based, sustainable company that creates awesome products for our customers, jobs for our team members, and ongoing funding and support for girls' sports worldwide. We're pumped to be a part of exploring and demonstrating the power of business to do good.

How do the donations to Activyst partners work?

Our funding model is based on supporting each partner's unique needs. We learn about each partner's needs at the time of forming the partnership. We then: (i) assess how much it will cost to fund that need; and (ii) determine how many products we need to sell in order to meet such costs. We announce each new project on social media and our projects page

How much of your profits do you donate to non-profit partners?

Short answer: We donate at least 10% of profits to non-profit partners and to raise awareness for girls' sports. 

Long answer: As each Activyst product, sports project and funding timeline is different, donation amounts vary from product to product. Sometimes we donate higher than 10% (for example, this Sarah Burke t-shirt creates a donation of $10 for every $32 t-shirt sold). But at all times, we donate at least 10% of profits to our non-profit partners and to raise awareness for girls' sports. You can know exactly what your specific purchase funds by visiting its product page.

How do we know if/when the funding has been provided by Activyst to a partner?

Once we've successfully funded a project, we update our impact page and share the news and photos on social media. 

How does Activyst choose its non-profit partners?

In forming partnerships, our main priorities are ensuring that the organization: (i) embraces contextually-sensitive programming strategies; (ii) employs local staff and engages key local stakeholders; (iii) spends funds for materials efficiently and locally when possible; and (iv) maintains sound accounting practices in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. While this process can be rigorous, it results in finding partners that are a great fit, do high-impact work with Activyst funding, and are overall pretty awesome!

We currently have partners lined up through 2014, but if you'd like to discuss a later potential partnership, please contact us at 



Where are Activyst products made?

Activyst gym bags, tote bags and cosmetic bags are currently made in Orange County, CA and Activyst t-shirts are made in Los Angeles, CA. And the materials for the macen bags in the Nicaragua collection come from Nicaragua. You can learn more about our production here.

What are the bags from the Nicaragua Collection made of?

The gym bags, tote bags and cosmetic bags in the Nicaragua collection are made of what is known as macen in Activyst's birthplace of Nicaragua. It is a bright, water-resistant, and incredibly strong material used for many purposes in Nicaragua, from hammocks to harvesting coffee to transporting heavy grains. It is made in an over 50-year old family-owned factory in Nicaragua which focuses on minimizing waste and recycling production materials when possible.

How do I care for my Activyst bag?

For the bags in the Nicaragua Collection, you can clean your bag by rinsing it or wiping it with water. You can dry it by air or with a towel. Just don't place your bag in the washer or the dryer or fold it for long periods of time (don't want to damage the macen weave!).  

For the bags in the Bold Collection, we recommend spot-cleaning the majority of the time. For a deeper clean, you can put them in the washing machine. We recommend doing so only occasionally, to ensure the longest life and freshest appearance of the bag, and air-drying.

Are your bags available for wholesale to retailers?

We are interested in exploring relationships with retailers. If you'd like to sell our bags or t-shirts at your retail location, please get in touch with us at