Remember being a girl? It was about being a tree-climber, friend-maker, rope-jumper, book-reader, race-runner, belly-laugher, dreamchaser and firestarter. This is what being a girl should be. 

Unfortunately, for many girls, life is about being a worker, child bride, mother, sick patient, or abuse victim. Girls’ poor conditions are passed to future generations, creating a cycle of poverty.

But we can change this. And it’s as simple as helping girls, well, be girls.  

The United Nations declared October 11 the International Day of the Girl, a day to recognize the immense potential of girls: a healthy, educated, strong girl unleashes these benefits into her community and catalyzes change on a grander scale.

Through October, we are celebrating International Day of the Girl by recognizing the immense challenges that girls face worldwide, while also highlighting their even more immense potential.  And we want you to join us. Here’s how you can celebrate with us.

1. Post a pic on instagram or facebook (it can be you doing something awesome, a repost of something Activyst posts, something about IDG, etc.). Accompany it with a story of one of the biggest challenges you've faced as a girl, and one of your biggest personal triumphs as a girl. If the triumph is connected in some way to the challenge, even better. Use the hashtags #IDG2014 #dontmesswithgirls and tag us @activyst. For example, here's what our founder Katie is posting:

 "It's International Day of the Girl! As part of recognizing the challenges girls face worldwide and girls' potential, I'd like to share...
- One of the biggest challenges I've faced as a girl: Being harassed, catcalled, or even touched on the street. When I was working in Nicaragua, it was especially bad; the walk to the bus stop everyday was stressful and frustrating.
- One of my biggest personal triumphs as a girl: Presenting findings of my research in Nicaragua on a panel at the United Nations. Didn't hurt that many other panel members were men much more senior than me, and I nailed it :)  
Pumped to be empowering girls through soccer and education in Tanzania with @activyst. #IDG2014 #dontmesswithgirls"

2. Check out and share our new "Strong Girls, Strong World" tees for girls. Sales help fund a girls' soccer program in Tanzania through which girls also learn about health and HIV prevention.

3. Talk about IDG and share about it online! The more people aware of the importance of our girls, the better off we'll all be.