Activyst's mission of selling stylish gym bags that help girls play sports
Activyst stylish gym bags fund girls sports

Activyst is a combination of two words we love - active and catalyst - because when girls are active, it catalyzes positive change in their lives. This is why we create functional yet stylish gym bags, gym totes, cosmetic bags and t-shirts that fund girls’ sports worldwide.

We’re fired up because girls in much of the world are suffering – pregnancy, abuse, illiteracy, disease, and the list goes on. And studies show that a girl who plays sports is healthier, more educated, more confident, and happier.  

Improving girls’ conditions has a ripple effect into communities and, well, the world. Unfortunately, there are often barriers to girls' sports, particularly in developing countries. We aim to bridge this gap. Each Activyst gym bag or t-shirt generates funding for girls' sports organizations, enabling more girls worldwide to have an active, healthy, empowered life.