Having worked in international development, we know that each of our charitable partners has unique needs and costs: a soccer program in Central America may need a new field, one in South America may need new coaches, and a running program in Africa might need new shoes. And we know how frustrating it can be to receive funds earmarked for a specific purpose, irrespective of your actual needs. So we seek to understand each partner's needs when forming the partnership.

The result is a partner-focused, project-based model where we focus on: (i) successfully funding the partner's project; and (ii) selling the products necessary to make that happen.  

We currently donate 10% of profits to girls' sports projects, and are committed to increasing that amount as we create efficiencies and economies of scale (you can read more about our considerations in developing this funding model here).

So you can see can see the projects we complete, we provide updates and pictures on facebook, twitter, and our project page. We can't wait to fund new projects around the world, enabling our partners to do what they do best - help girls play.

See the projects we've funded here.