About The Partners

Some awesome organizations aim to increase girls' access to sports around the world. However, funding can be a consistent challenge, as each girl needs a safe space to play, clothing, equipment, transport, and, of course, coaches. Through sales, we make donations to help such organizations sustain and grow their programs, so they can continue to help more and more girls play.

Each partner has unique needs and costs: a soccer program in Central America may need a new field, while a running program in Africa might need new shoes. We seek to understand each partner's specific needs and then sell enough bags to meet those needs. 

Meet the Partners

Soccer Without Borders (SWB) was our first partner, and one Katie became familiar with in Nicaragua. Launched in 2006, SWB is comprised of former U.S. collegiate soccer players and local staff, and has received grants from the U.S. State Department. Because a main barrier to girls' sports in Nicaragua is the lack of safe spaces, we've partnered with SWB to help build a soccer field and support SWB's community center. We've also supported SWB coaches in Uganda and the US. 

Activyst gym bags fund Soccer Without Borders


Girls Gotta Run Foundation (GGRF) trains impoverished female runners in Ethiopia to be competitive runners. GGRF is also taking the lead in establishing a female running culture in the village of Bekoji, famed for its Olympic runners. Established in 2006, GGRF has trained 50 female athletes and established four running teams. We've partnered with GGRF to fund the first ever female running coaching in Bekoji, to supply track clothes and shoes, and to fund scholarships for members of their program.


Activyst's cute gym bags and t-shirts fund Girls Gotta Run

The Sarah Burke Foundation was formed in honor of the late world champion skier, Sarah Burke. Sarah was a fearless advocate for women’s sports, getting women’s half-pipe skiing admitted into every major event, including the Sochi Olympics. Her foundation continues her legacy of advancing women’s sport, funding scholarships for young female skiers. Through Sarah Burke t-shirts printed with her favorite slogan, "Dream Without Fear", we helped fund the Spirit of Sarah scholarship for a promising young female skier.

Activyst Sarah Burke Dream Without Fear t-shirts fund Sarah Burke Foundation

Grassroot Soccer (GRS) uses the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize youth fight to prioritize their health and fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. Founded in 2002, more than 650,000 young people have graduated from GRS programs in 24 countries worldwide. Activyst is partnering with GRS to support their ZINDUKA Girl program for 12-19 year old Tanzanian girls. This initiative creates a safe space for adolescent girls to play soccer and have vital conversations about their health.