Total Activyst Application

Hi there! Thanks so much for applying to become a Total Activyst. To apply, please copy the below questions into an email and send your responses to

  1. Why are you interested in being a Total Activyst? We love good old genuine, from-the-heart stuff, so feel free to get personal here.

  2. Do you see the definition of Total Activyst and think "that’s me!”? If so, explain why you're a fit.

  3. List three concrete channels in your life where you can spread the word about Activyst and ideas for activating those networks. The more detail, the better. Examples would be “My yoga studio.  I could share after my yoga classes and talk to my studio manager about a promotion” or “My office. I could email my coworkers the discount code.”  

  4. Do you have a facebook, twitter and/or Instagram account? If so, please provide your profile names and the # of your followings on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Anything else we should know about you?

  6. If you’re in college, please let us know your: (1) University; (2) Major; (3) Graduation Year; (4) GPA; and (5) what activities you're involved in on campus or otherwise.

Details, Details

We’re a small start-up and are offering some pretty sweet benefits to our Total Activysts, which we’re really pumped about. By submitting your questionnaire, you’re agreeing to, if you're selected, check our monthly emails and stay actively engaged in as a Total Activyst. If you find you’re not able to do so, no hard feelings whatsoever! We just ask that you opt out of the program through one of the monthly emails (and discontinue use of your discount codes, etc.). 

We receive lots of applications and are a tiny team of two, so unfortunately, we can’t respond to all applications. In the event you are not a fit at the time of your application, we will keep your application on file for the future and hope to stay in touch. If you are a fit, we’ll let you know and send you a Total Activyst “Activation Packet” soon after that. Thank you for taking the time to apply, and for supporting our mission to help more girls play!