The fact is that it is tough to be a girl in most countries. Poor health, illiteracy, teen pregnancy, abuse, and poverty are just... the norm. Learn more here about why girls need change. 

Sports are a solution to empower girls

But there's a simple, unexpected solution. Studies consistently demonstrate that a girl who plays sports is:

  • Healthier - She is less likely to get pregnant, be in an abusive relationship, or engage in risky sexual behavior. She is less likely to smoke or use drugs, and has reduced risk of breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues.
  • More Educated - She achieves higher levels of education, has higher attendance in school, and performs better in school, leading to increased work opportunities.
  • Happier and More Confident -She is less likely to suffer depression, and has stronger self-confidence and body image. She gains skills such as leadership, goal attainment, teamwork, and resilience. She makes friends and finds role models.

Teaching girls "to fish" in these ways can be transformative for communities. When girls suffer, so does society; illness, illiteracy, birth rates, mortality, and health costs soar. 

On the other hand, healthy and educated girls pass these traits on to their children, and reinvest in their communities. This is why the international development community agrees: one of the fastest path to eradicating poverty is to help girls.



Activyst funds girls sports and education

A primary barrier to girls' access to sports is the simple lack of opportunities. Through donating at least 10% of profits from gym bag and t-shirt sales, we generate needed funding for girls' sports organizations worldwide, enabling them to sustain their programs and help more girls play.

Learn more about our funding model here and dig into some serious research about girls' sports here.