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  • I Got This Tee

I Got This Tee

Each product helps fund a girls' sport program around the world.

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Why We Love It

The slogan!  This is a favorite expression of ours. It's a little phrase that makes a big empowering impact when faced with a challenge.

Sizing: The shirt is a super comfortable poly blend and has a loungey flattering fit perfect for being active or chilling. See the size chart to find the size for you. 

This Shirt Helps Girls Run in the US

Our partner, Girls on the Run in the U.S., makes sure their girls are well-fueled and hydrated by providing healthy snacks and water during weekly practices. This is not just hugely beneficial for the girls' running, but also for their health and well-being. Each shirt contributes to keeping these girls fueled. So when you buy this shirt, you help a girl stay strong, healthy and happy.